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Wiki Syntax

Basically wiki render engine is based on the radeox engine and use the same syntax.

You can use wiki syntax in :

  • Project summary
  • Wiki content
  • Menu content
  • Forum messages
  • Bugtrackers issues

Simple text filters

1 Titlea style 1 heading (major heading)
1.1 Titlea style 1.1 heading (minor heading)
- texta list item (with -), several lines create a single list
* texta list item (with *)
1. textan enumerated list
a. textalphabetical enumerated list
A. textuppercase alphabetical enumerated list
i. textroman enumerated list
I. textuppercase roman enumerated list
g. textgreek enumerated list
__bold__simple bold text
~~italics~~simple italic text
--strike--strike through text
(empty line)produces a new paragraph
\ creates a line break, please use sparingly! a link to an external resource, special characters that come after the URL and are not part of it must be separated with a space.
\Xescape special character X (i.e. {)
----creates a horizontal rule

Specific syntax

Make a link to a libresource resource : [/projects/resource]
Insert an image : {image:/projects/files/image} where /projects/files/image is a File resource
Display children list: {children}
Display the sub projects list: {subProjects}

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