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Download Page of the SPIS-ESD branch, the version dedicated to the modelling of ESD phenomena on solar cells.

Avialable Packages

The core of SPIS (UI and NUM) is Java based and fully portable on all platforms supporting 1.6 Java machines. However, SPIS includes native components, like Gmsh or VTK, that may depend on the targeted OS and on the versions of the related system libraries , like GLibC under Linux. Depending on the default system configuration additional libraries may also be required (e.g. MesaGL, LibPng, Lapack...).

Before select the package the most relevant for your system, please check the compliance table and the required hardware and OS specifications. See the FAQ in case of difficulties of installation.

All packages contain also all SPIS source codes in order to be freely modified or re-compiled. External components stored in the ThirdPart directory are freely available on Internet. Please see the SPIS Compilation Page for further information regarding the compilation of SPIS and its related components.

These packages correspond to the SPIS branch of SPIS and do not included SPIS-CORE models. Please see the SPIS-CORE page for the related branch to the software.

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File name Size Date Description Author Action
Deprecated 9327570 2009/09/02 julien Download - Go to file -
ESD.gif 4261 2011/02/04 julien Download - Go to file -
SpisESD-1.0.1-linux-x86_32-glibc2_12-jvm1_6-stable.tgz 303103969 2011/02/08 MD5 = ca5676c158441fc20eb8d46914e2b3b3 julien Download - Go to file -
SpisESD-1.0.1-linux-x86_64-glibc2_12-jvm1_6-stable.tgz 319480263 2011/02/07 md5=1c837d4a9db7f2c15678e8c32934bbad julien Download - Go to file -
SpisESD-1.0.1-linux-x86_64-glibc2_5-jvm1_6-stable.tgz 302186140 2011/02/07 md5=1c837d4a9db7f2c15678e8c32934bbad julien Download - Go to file -
SpisESD-1.0.1-OSX-x86_64b-10.6.5-jvm1_6-stable.dmg 312375475 2011/02/07 MD5=6fd5c89760cd35bbf39874235179aa64 julien Download - Go to file - 297765839 2011/02/07 julien Download - Go to file - 162139103 2011/01/13 md5 = 0f8e7dad5dc4944ce3a6f8bd3a56a355 julien Download - Go to file -
TP_ESD_RC1.spis.tar 1167360 2011/02/04 Up-to-date template for ESD wizard based modelling. Pierre Sarrailh Download - Go to file -

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